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Federal Student Loans. Too hard. Too long. Too much.

According to Forbes Magazine, 45 million Americans have an original student loan principle balance of over $35,000 while the total student loan debt is over $1.5 Trillion. And it is growing every day.

The good news: The US Department of Education offers programs that can assist you. The bad news: Do you have the time and process expertise to navigate the federal bureaucracy and its regulations successfully?

The great news: You’re not alone. We can help.

How It Works

What We Do

We don’t just inform you, we do it with you.

No-nonsense qualification

It’s too time-consuming and labor intensive to find the exact information you need to successfully navigate these assistance programs. That’s why we have already done it for you. Allow us to leverage our expertise gleaned over thousands of cases to help you see what you qualify for—straight up with no nonsense.

Loan Forgiveness

You may be eligible for partial or even full loan forgiveness. The power to change your financial trajectory could be in your hands—today.

Reduced Payment

Reduce your payments and reduce your stress. There are programs that provide lower payments and shorter repayment terms. Your monthly payment can be reduced up to 60% or more. Did you know you might even legally qualify for a $0 payment on your federal student loans? Allow us to help you find out more.

Why Us

Our team of experts are here to navigate you through the federal government’s bureaucracy as quickly and as painlessly as possible…successfully.

Don’t fall behind. Stay on track with GoDoc Consultants
Don’t fall behind. Stay on track with GoDoc Consultants

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